Step away from psychological suffering and confusion, towards tangible contentment, love and renewed potential. 

Level III, Integration. Residential retreat, 7 days. With Dirk de Sousa. 


To feel my automatic processes, to recognize them and to find a healthy way of dealing with them, was
the revelation of my life.

– Stefanie M.


DAY 1Welcome and orientation. Sharing personal experiences of Lucidity.


DAY 2: Introducing defence-mechanisms, psychological barriers and tricks of the ‘I’. How to get past them.


DAY 3Lucidity in everyday life: when the whole world spins in the wrong direction. Alone vs lonely.


DAY 4: Lucidity in your working life. Is it possible to have a career without at the same time valuing becoming over being, achieving over living? 


DAY 5: Lucidity and your partnership. Love and sexuality. Lucidity in your interactions with the people closest to you. 


DAY 6: Life, unity, the self and the immense. Deeper observations and understanding.


DAY 7: A day set aside for free conversation, questions and clarifications. Future directions and salutations.

As you travel on your journey towards realizing your true potential, you will sometimes find your clear and ordered self in a confusing and disordered world. You will certainly have to face new challenges in everyday life which will cause you to struggle or become uncertain.

This intensive seven-day retreat follows on from the theoretical learning of Discover your Potential (Level I), and the practical work of Realize your Potential (Level II). Through a combination of group work, talks, discussions, practical exercises, individual contemplation and one-to-one private consultations, the retreat’s objective is to help solve such problems. You will have an opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss points of confusion and take your new self-insight into everyday life the lucid way.

Past suffering and psychological injuries are left behind, along with automatic thought processes and their results (fear, worry, anger, jealousy…). From now on, you will no longer be tossed about by the torrent. Instead you will be the immoveable rock in its midst.

You will take away a new and deeper insight into your own level of Lucidity through the lens of the LQ Test®, and equipped with tools to consciously
observe and maintain an enhanced level of Lucidity in the following days, weeks
and months.


Dirk de Sousa, psychological counsellor, coach and author

As an original voice in modern psychology, the bestselling author unlocks personal insight and self-knowledge, guiding you in the search for an end to psychological suffering, for emotional resilience and contentment in all spheres of life. For decades, de Sousa has worked successfully as therapist, coach and consultant, numbering among his clients many well-known names in politics, the media and international business. He has also guided athletes and coaches at both national, international and Olympic level, and provided counselling to couples and to parents of children in crisis. In his first book, The Self Beyond Myself, de Sousa argued that the first step to contentment is to gain real insight into our own inner self with the right form of self-reflection.


The capacity for this insight, which also includes the ability to recognize what we encounter within, enables us to fully understand ourselves and then to realize our
full potential. He terms this capacity, Lucidity. In his most recent work, de Sousa breaks down Lucidity into four qualities – contentment, mental clarity, self-reflection and mental maturity – and shows how it can be objectively measured and improved, leading to a greater degree of mental freedom, inner unity, and real and
enduring contentment.

Live Lucidity is a rare opportunity to work directly with Dirk de Sousa over an extended period of intensive learning and practice.

…highly recommended…the small group enables an intense exchange and brings the topic into sharp focus.
– Terri K.


7 days, Saturday to Saturday, full board. The retreat venue is chosen for its natural beauty, tranquillity and privacy. It offers high-quality accommodation and vegetarian meals home-cooked from local seasonal produce by our own professional chef. Accommodation is usually in shared rooms unless otherwise specified. The surrounding countryside offers opportunities for walks and excursions either alone or in company with others. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the venue, although airport transfers and car-sharing can be arranged. Click register for further information.


  • Seven days of intensive work to translate and integrate the theory and concepts behind Lucidity into your daily life
  • Private one-to-one sessions with psychological counsellor Dirk de Sousa
  • Complete the LQ Test® and receive full feedback on the results but also one-to-one advice on your report’s content
  • Beautiful, tranquil surroundings with home-cooked vegetarian food
  • Group discussion, practical exercises and space for solitary contemplation
  • Get in touch with like-minded individuals
  • Return to daily life with new self-insight and new skills.


Completion of at least ‘Discover your Potential’, the Level I online course, or ‘Discover Lucidity’, the Level I-II residential course.   

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