Who are you?
Who and what is the real you?
What in your behaviour is learned or reaction, and what comes from your original, indestructible self?
Take the first steps on the path to self-realization, psychological freedom and lasting contentment. 

Understanding and self-insight. Level I, groundwork. Online, 25 hours. Tutor support throughout. 




Discover the concepts of Lucidity, consciousness & personality. Separate the real you from everything that is conditioned, learned or automatic.


Demystify your emotions and learn to master the worst of them before they appear. Free your mind from its emotional limitations.


Focus on thoughts. Discover for yourself the burden of psychological time and how to liberate yourself from it.


Contentment. Joy. Inner unity. Love. How to cultivate all of them. Put your inner house in order.


Learn new skills for the road ahead: cultivating contentment, mastering self-reflection, practising lucid decision-making and taking responsibility.

In this course, we will take you on a journey to your real self. You will learn how the human personality is constructed as the young child grows. You will find out what memories really are and whether they can be trusted, and discover how negative thoughts and emotions come into being, and how they can be dealt with or even erased for good.

However, you will not only learn about these things, but also how to recognize them in yourself, which turns a simple theory into a life-changing personal experience. At the end of the course, you will be ready to take responsibility for your inner self, your own contentment, independently from other people and from outside events. You will be able to recognize your original self and all its unlimited potential, opening up new possibilities and new horizons for you and the people around you.

This online course is structured to give you the personal time you need to undertake that journey. Each module begins with new insight, usually in the form of a video conversation, and each unit includes articles, recordings and exercises to help develop the theme in greater depth, and guide you as you start to experience the various components of your inner self.

You will not be alone on your journey. You will be invited to join the course forum where participants interact with one another and with dedicated tutors, asking and answering questions and sharing their experiences. A secure messaging system is available for more private conversations. At the end of the course, you will be invited to join a closed Facebook Group, linking you to others who are at various stages of the same journey.

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A person’s true calling is to find themselves.
– F.W. Nietzsche


Simply click Register Now and you will be taken to the checkout. When your order is completed, you will receive an email containing joining instructions. You will have immediate access to the first unit of the course and each module will be made available as you progress, so that you can work at a speed that suits you. You will need to set aside about three–five hours per module. Your tutor will be checking into the course forum periodically for the duration of your course to answer questions and moderate debate. You can also contact your tutor by private message through the course interface. After the end of the course, you will continue to be able to access the material and your coursework for a further six months. 


  • 7 exclusive videos of Dirk de Sousa in conversation made especially for this course
  • 25+ units of intensive teaching in the form of articles, audio recordings and exercises
  • Your personal invitation to the course forum, where you will meet other participants and the course tutor.
  • You will be able to access the material wherever you want – in the privacy of your home or on the move, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • This online course does not require you to download or install any program.
  • You can use any internet-enabled device: e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  • The course consists of articles, diagrams, videos and audio files. We recommend you use headphones when listening to the audio.


  • Learn how your personality, your identity came into being
  • Discover the difference between learned emotions and real emotions and why this is important
  • Find out how automatic thoughts keep you imprisoned in the past
  • Recognize your automatic thoughts and learned emotions and practise dealing with them
  • Experience the potential of your real self to feel Lucidity, peace and contentment
  • Take this key journey of insight and understanding into yourself
  • Our learning platform is completely private, and hosted on a secure server
  • You can opt to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy while still interacting with others if you wish.

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