The potential beyond intelligence

In his eagerly-awaited second book, Dirk de Sousa picks up the concept of Lucidity and shows how this heightened clarity of mind can enable all of us to recognize our true potential, feel real, lasting contentment, and enable us to act in the physical world with a new sense of psychological maturity and responsibility.

The author begins by introducing Lucidity as a form of intelligence that is ‘beyond intelligence’, and distinguishes it from other forms of intelligence (such as cognitive (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ)). He goes on to explain our mental experience in terms of consciousness and to discuss the differences between Lucidity and other mental practices (such as mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking, and so on).

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The heart of the book is de Sousa’s analysis of how conditioning limits our potential in life and his explanation of how living Lucidity could end psychological suffering, give space to feelings of contentment, clarity and harmony, and improve one hundred-fold our dealings with the world, from our most intimate relationships to our most stressful career moments.


Finally, de Sousa introduces the tool of the Lucidity Quotient Test (the LQ Test), a detailed analysis of an individual’s level of Lucidity broken down into various areas of life, leading to an in-depth written report as well as an indication of the individual’s LQ. The test can be used to indicate an individual’s existing status, and also to track development during early practice.

Lucidity is aimed at those who wish to understand the causes of their inner discomfort and to learn to practice Lucidity at any time and in any place, introducing contentment and new potential into their lives. It will also be illuminating for professionals working with Lucidity, including therapists, coaches and teachers.

Praise for The Self Beyond Myself

“For those who are hopeless or desperate, Looking for answers or being crushed by the burden of life. The answers we seek are only found in ourselves. And the book provides a way to find those answers. A path into a more fulfilled, happier lifestyle in full consciousness (and sense of responsibility). A path into the innermost personal areas from which we can draw strength and find hope even in difficult life situations. A skill that has apparently been lost in our modern hectic world.” – Customer,

“The idea that real, lasting happiness can only come from within makes sense to me. This book teaches that all the searching we do in life is pointless if it’s all external. The point is discovering what we’re searching for is something that we already have. Thought-provoking.” – Charlie, customer

“This book is not about putting one concept over another – it exposes the gaps in our own system that we accept as our personality and with which we align our lives. Through this knowledge, certain patterns of behaviour are revealed and they lose their importance, ultimately leading to more resources and balance. Bottom line: worry less. Thanks Dirk de Sousa, for this great work!” – Customer,

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