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Following on from the level I and II online courses, this specialization takes Lucidity into your office, workshop or job-search.

You will discover how your career could enhance your personal, psychological and family/social life, putting real depth and resilience into your work-life balance. You will learn how to recognise the specific inner conflicts and learned emotions that stand in the way of success at work, and how to integrate Lucidity in your working life in a stressful and demanding environment, perhaps, or one requiring intense concentration and creativity.

In addition, the course looks at how to turn a job into a vocation, how to replace stress, conflict and uncertainty with contentment and satisfaction, as well as what it takes to make the right career decisions for you and those around you.

Requirements: Completion of at least Level II. We also recommend taking the LQ Test®: Occupation for a deep insight into this part of your life, which will enable you to benefit even more from this course.


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