Give your child the greatest gift possible. The gift of Lucidity.

Level IV, Specialization. Online, 4 weeks. With tutorial support throughout.


The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.
– Henry Ward Beecher



The 1001 conditionings we create in our children without ever thinking about it.



Child development from conception to teen. The ‘perfect’ development for each stage.



Preventing trauma, cultivating resilience and curing neurosis. Establishing and maintaining contact with your child.



Growing together: a new dimension of Lucidity.

Healing a person who suffers, is conditioned, limited and discontented, requires an enormous amount of energy and time. Would it not be far better to teach young people from an early age to avoid it? Is it not essential to treat infants, children, teenagers and adults in a way that allows them to be free of all this and enables them to lead a lucid and content life, with full access to their real potential right from the beginning?

In four weeks with this online course, you will learn to do exactly that. The course shows you how to enable and encourage your youngster to develop Lucidity; how to avoid neuroticism and trauma before they arise. It teaches you how to develop real lifelong resilience, self-confidence and a basic sense of trust in your child. It will even offer advice on how to create a real relationship with your unborn child. This practical online course is structured to give you the personal time you need to learn and practice these new skills with your child. Each week begins with new insight, usually in the form of a video conversation, and each day you will be working with articles, recordings and exercises which develop the week’s theme in greater depth, and guide you as you start to grow together, opening up a new, more lucid, more contented life for your child.

In addition, you will be invited to join the course forum where participants interact with one another and with dedicated tutors, asking and answering questions and sharing their experiences.


Dirk de Sousa, psychological counsellor, coach and author

As an original voice in modern psychology, the bestselling author unlocks personal insight and self-knowledge, guiding you in the search for an end to psychological suffering, for emotional resilience and contentment in all spheres of life. For decades, de Sousa has worked successfully as therapist, coach and consultant, numbering among his clients many well-known names in politics, the media and international business. He has also guided athletes and coaches at both national, international and Olympic level, and provided counselling to couples and to parents of children in crisis. In his first book, The Self Beyond Myself, de Sousa argued that the first step to contentment is to gain real insight into our own inner self with the right form of self-reflection.


The capacity for this insight, which also includes the ability to recognize what we encounter within, enables us to fully understand ourselves and then to realize our
full potential. He terms this capacity, ‘Lucidity’. 
In his most recent work, de Sousa breaks down Lucidity into four qualities – contentment, mental clarity, self-reflection and mental maturity – and shows how it can be objectively measured and improved, leading to a greater degree of mental freedom, inner unity, and real and
enduring contentment.

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.
– Galileo Galilei


Simply click Register Now and choose your start date on the next page. You will then receive an email containing joining instructions. After the start of the course, you will be able to follow it, step-by-step at a time that suits you. You will also be able to access the material wherever you want – in the privacy of your home or on the move, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Your course tutor will be checking into the course forum periodically for the duration of your course. 


  • 4 exclusive videos of Dirk de Sousa in conversation made especially for this course
  • 16 further articles, recordings, exercises
  • Your personal invitation to the course forum, where you will meet other participants and the course tutor.


  • Give your child the gift of Lucidity
  • Form a close and trusting relationship with your child, even the unborn child in the womb
  • Make your child resilient to the ups and downs of life
  • Give your child the tools to overcome trauma, even when you are no longer there
  • Enable your child to enjoy his or her full potential, not just in education, but in all aspects of life, for life

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