The natural way to end psychological suffering

Dirk de Sousa’s best-selling guide to Conscious Realization has changed the lives of thousands since it was first published in 2016. This new edition has been updated with the help of the many readers and professionals who have begun to integrate de Sousa’s thinking into their lives and work.

In his first book, Dirk de Sousa seeks to give a taste of a process that can provide immediate help in times of psychological crisis, but also, and perhaps more importantly, that can enable every one of us – when we so decide – to find real contentment and happiness regardless of our physical circumstances.

The Self Beyond Myself | The Natural Way to End Psychological Suffering

Drawing on some of Europe’s greatest thinkers, de Sousa leads the reader along a path of argument and inner experience that reveals the true nature of what he calls the ‘I’ and what we call ‘Myself’. He shows how the fragmentation that exists in the minds of the vast majority of us leads to conflict and psychological distress in all its forms, and he describes the process of Conscious Realization, which can lead to relief from such distress. The Self Beyond Myself is aimed at all those interested in alternative holistic and original ideas in psychology, and is published in the hope of reaching those who are in psychological distress, but also those in search of clarity and contentment in their lives.


Readers’ reviews

“I have already read many books that promised true miracles and those promises came to nothing. This book, however, has fulfilled its claims fully!! In addition to my copy, I have already bought two more and given them away to close friends.” – Customer,

“This book turns the world upside down and draws you through a path of self-discovery. Be prepared to think again about almost everything you thought you knew about yourself.” – Customer,

“In the first few chapters, the author describes very systematically and clearly how identification with the body, thoughts, time and space comes about. Here, the reader is asked to review all the theses themselves, because only through your own review or experience will you come to knowledge and liberation. The last chapter describes ‘the path to absolute consciousness – Conscious Realization’. It is brilliant that it does not need the grace of God, but can be learned by everyone. Non-duality described differently – really great! I highly recommend both the book and the workshops by Dirk de Sousa.” – Customer, / workshop participant

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