Is the rat race getting you down? Not succeeding in the way you imagined? Is there conflict at work? Do you suspect you are a workaholic? Have you reached the top and find your success hollow, or are you having difficulties finding a career that completes your life?

Staying lucid at work. Achieving professional goals the lucid way. Lucidity and decision-making. Lucid team-building.

Level IV, specialization. Online, 4 weeks.


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
– Rumi



Introduction, making the connection between Lucidity and your working life. Job or vocation? What is the role of your work in your life as a whole?



Resolving difficult situations through Lucidity. Turning problems into potential.



Dealing with difficult people. Working in teams. Approaching human resources in a new and different way.



Beyond work/life balance. Integrating Lucidity into the professional arena.

Following on from the level I and II online courses, this specialization takes Lucidity into your office, workshop or job-search.

You will discover how your career could enhance your personal, psychological and family/social life, putting real depth and resilience into your work-life balance. You will learn how to recognise the specific inner conflicts and learned emotions that stand in the way of success at work, and how to integrate Lucidity in your working life in a stressful and demanding environment, perhaps, or one requiring intense concentration and creativity.

In addition, the course looks at how to turn a job into a vocation, how to replace stress, conflict and uncertainty with contentment and satisfaction, as well as what it takes to make the right career decisions for you and those around you. These days, business promotes team-working almost as a religion. Using your inner Lucidity as the touchstone, you will learn to build teams that really work together, and to work as part of a team yourself, even if your preference is to work alone. Follow this extension course for just 20 working days, implement its teaching in your life and you will find that success will be just a side-effect of the passion and contentment in your vocation.


Dirk de Sousa, psychological counsellor, author

As an original voice in modern psychology, the bestselling author unlocks personal insight and self-knowledge, guiding you in the search for an end to psychological suffering, for emotional resilience and contentment in all spheres of life. For decades, de Sousa has worked successfully as therapist, coach and consultant, numbering among his clients many well-known names in politics, the media and international business. He has also guided athletes and coaches at both national, international and Olympic level, and provided counselling to couples and to parents of children in crisis. 


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
– Aristotle


Simply click Register Now and choose your start date on the next page. You will then receive an email containing joining instructions. After the start of the course, you will be able to follow it, step-by-step at a time that suits you. You will also be able to access the material wherever you want – in the privacy of your home or on the move, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Your course tutor will be checking into the course forum periodically for the duration of your course. 


  • 4 exclusive videos of Dirk de Sousa in conversation made especially for this course
  • 16 further articles, recordings, exercises
  • Your personal invitation to the course forum, where you will meet other participants and the course tutor.


  • Take Lucidity to work
  • Make better career decisions for yourself and those close to you
  • Make your work your vocation
  • Replace stress and conflict with work satisfaction and contentment
  • Free your career potential

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