Natural Healing with Lucidity



Replace psychological suffering, inner conflict, destructive thought patterns and recurring negative emotions with inner health, evolution and transformation. This course equips you with the knowledge and the tools to bring healing into your life, and by extension into the lives of those around you.

Step-by-step, lesson by lesson, you will not only uncover and understand more about your inner psyche, but you will also experience the power of Lucidity to make a divided and separated self whole again. You will learn how psychological suffering is seeded in childhood as your young personality was moulded by those closest to you. You will experience the connection between thoughts and emotions and come to understand why memories can’t be trusted and why we should look for an alternative foundation for identity. You will watch your life projected on your own inner movie screen and learn how to move from one state of consciousness to another as your awareness of your inner world becomes more acute. You will see how negative emotions arise in you, and learn what to do about them.

Take this key journey towards the insight and self-healing you have been searching for.

Requirements: no previous knowledge or practice required.


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